Automobile or Bicyclist Injuries 
Construction Injuries 
We provide representation and guide our clients thorugh the maze of insurance claims  when injured by another, whether it be in a collision with another car, as a bicyclist or as a pedestrian.  We strive to return our clients to as close as possible to where they were prior to their injuries whether by negotiation or by litigation.   
We represent workers that have been injured by employees of other companies in construction sites, while deliverying goods, or other situations.  We will work with the Department of Labor & Industries to help you obtain the care you need and then pursue your claims for full compensation against the negligent party.  
Nursing Home Negligence 
 Nursing homes usually use a maze of shell companies to escape liability or paying for the harm they cause.  They also have families sign an agreement to arbitrate and keep litigation our of the public forum.  We help families hold those negligent parties accountable for what they did or failed to do. 
We assits small companies and individiuals draft and negotiate agreements.  We also work on behalf of our clients when there is a breach of an agreement primarily through negotiation if possible or by litigation if necessary. 
This office provides a full range of litigation services  in both federal and state courts, including appeallate work.  We also guide and represent our clients in alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation.